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  • 有關活動詳情歡迎至門市洽詢。
  • 本活動不得與其他門市優惠活動併用。
  • LOHAS樂活眼鏡保有活動解釋、修改權力,以活動主頁或臉書公告為準。

若您超過您原本預約的時間未到,將無法重新預約,若仍有配鏡需求,或有任何問題請到『LOHAS樂活眼鏡 X 大學生』的FB粉絲專頁私訊詢問。

"College Student Eyewear" program is limited for college students; master and PhD. students; college freshmen, junior and senior students of five-year junior college program and registration. This program can only be used for students in person. The qualification cannot be transferred to other people and limited for once of lifetime. Registrations from people who participated to any free eyewear event or not the student in person will not be able to get an optometry for eyewear when visiting a branch. Even if their repeated registration was successfully reserved.

The two programs of “College Student Eyewear” are required to register by this system. After the registration is completed, please be on time. Also, bring “a copy of student ID card” for record purpose and present the original ID certificate and student ID card to a branch staff at the scheduled time. College freshmen students who do not have a student ID card please bring the “Certificate of Admission Placement” to a branch. After an identification check, it will start processing the optometry for the eyewear.

College Student Eyewear – The RM100 eyewear program is “all frame in a branch” + “UV Cut”+“safety super thin lens” (nearsightedness in -8.00D; astigmatism in 2.00D)

Due to there are lots of people that registered for this event and branches may still have normal optometry eyewear customers, please do arrive the branch at your scheduled period. Please do be on time but not arrive to the branch too early, nor being too late in order to prevent the loss with your rights and benefits. College student program guests that did not visit the branch on time, we will provide services for normal customers and the on time College Student program guests as priority objects.

  • For more details with related events please visit a branch for more information
  • This event cannot be combined with other branch discount events.
  • LOHAS EYEWEAR reserves the rights of interpretation and modification with the event. Base on the homepage of event or Facebook announcement.

The time for a reservation cannot be rescheduled if you do not show up at your original scheduled time. For any question or still have a demand with optometry eyewear please visit “LOHAS 樂活眼鏡 X 大學生” Facebook homepage for consulting by private messages.